As we stepped into another year, the travel industry continues to grapple with familiar challenges: congested airports, staff shortages, aging technology, and dissatisfied travellers.


At Beyond, we champion a different approach - one that prioritizes evolution and shifts the industry from the probable to the possible. Over the past five years, we've empowered our global clients to revolutionize their in-airport and on-board experiences. By leveraging updated services, robust technology, and efficient processes, we've enabled the delivery of more customer-centric experiences. This journey has positioned us at the forefront of some of the most innovative change programs in the travel sector.


We are now expanding our reach with the introduction of Beyond Advisory, launched on the 31st of January. Our team, comprising industry experts, business strategists, and leading technologists, is dedicated to offering strategic insight and guidance to the travel sector. Beyond Advisory specializes in service audits and benchmarking, ideation, service design, and roadmaps, and provides implementation governance and support. Our approach is rooted in a traveler-first methodology, bolstered by our proprietary Social Promoter Score (SPS), ensuring that service enhancements elevate the traveler experience.


Upon the launch of Beyond Advisory, CEO and Managing Partner, John Moriarty, remarked, "We are thrilled to open our doors, eager to embrace change, and ready to assist our clients in not just building but also imagining and planning new futures. Our team, with its firsthand operational experience, deeply understands the nuances of enacting meaningful change in live environments. Our SPS customer sentiment index is instrumental in delivering enhanced customer experiences, as evidenced by real, unfiltered customer feedback."


We are committed to assisting clients in enhancing and innovating their in-airport and on-board experiences. Our team's extensive industry and operational experience, paired with our proprietary traveler-first methodology and the Social Promoter Score (SPS), allows us to quantify the impact of our services effectively.