Introducing Advisory

We work with travel, leisure and hospitality companies to help improve their business performance, manage change and launch new products and services.

Beyond’s Unique Combination

We are an independent advisor with deep insights into travel retail and hospitality. We offer a unique combination of industry experience, operational expertise and a strong understanding of technology and advanced customer sentiment analysis. This allows us to deliver complex solutions and offer our clients new insights into their business.

Where We Add Value

Beyond Advisory helps our clients solve a wide range of challenges: we deliver solutions to known pain points, or work with our clients to discover new areas of improvement and growth.

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Solving for known pain points

Our airline customer experienced an uptick in negative reviews about crew. Beyond Advisory analysis helped to narrow in on the key themes of customer frustrations and worked with the Airline to develop improvement actions.

Uncovering true drivers of observed symptoms

One of our Airport customers saw a dip in NPS scores in the past 6 months. Beyond Advisory analysis showed that the top negative passenger sentiment was around long security wait times, confusing signage and cleanliness of facilities, allowing for targeted action.

Elevating excellence: tackling the unknown unknowns

An Airport Lounge partner is aware that two adjacent lounges are being updated this year. Beyond Advisory worked with the operator to identify the top areas for pro-active improvement based on passenger sentiment and perceived value.

Passenger Sentiment

The True Voice of Customer

We believe customer experience impacts the performance of every business. That’s why in addition to our decades of industry knowledge and know-how we also use quantitative and qualitative customer sentiment research to uncover new insights. With these unique perspectives we are able to design innovative solutions for our clients.

Multiple channels of insight, close to real time

Customer sentiment analysis helps discover emotions in online communications to find out how customers feel about your product, brand, or service. We can collect inputs daily for analysis from multiple aspects, compared to slow and single-dimensional metrics like NPS.

Breaking Down Silos

Our approach brings the voice of the customer to the forefront, working across company functions and divisions. This allows us to break down siloed thinking, bring teams together to deliver an overall improved customer experience and better business performance.

Competitor Insights and Benchmarking

One superpower of sentiment analysis is that we can run it on external topics, such as an industry vertical or a specific competitor. This provides invaluable competitive and benchmarking insight, giving our customers an edge in their market or domain.

The Beyond Advisory Process

How We Work With You

We follow a structured, but flexible approach to ensure that advisory projects are always on track and our clients understand progress and outcomes. The focus and depth of each step is bespoke to each engagement.

Infographics about the Advisory Process of Beyond