Beyond are constantly seeking new ways to improve customer journeys. Whether that’s in the airport, in the lounge or in the air. Focusing on a seamless passenger experience, we aim to enable our clients to ‘join the dots’ and create memorable and exceptional products.  We believe the connectedness of traveller touchpoints is crucial to differentiate your offering from your competitor’s.


This is why we are more than excited to be joining Future Travel Experience as a Gold Sponsor in Dublin on May 23-25. This year FTE is co-located with Ancillary and Retail to highlight the importance of collaboration and effective partnering in delivering the very best for travellers and those who serve them. Joining us at FTE are over 100 of the world’s leading Airlines, Airports, and their technology partners.


Established in 2006, FTE has spent the best part of two decades championing travel and tourism thought leadership, driving innovation, and challenging the industry to think differently and continually improve the experience for all who travel. This year we are proud to be taking part in the FTE APEX Lounge Innovation Forum where our Founder and CEO, John Moriarty, will be introducing the panel.


John has always been passionate about improving customer experiences, as well as the empowerment of all front-of-house staff to deliver great service– at Beyond he encourages the team to consistently put the customer at the heart of our decision-making. It is this drive which has led us to combine our experience across traveller touchpoints (whether that’s catering firms, logistics, inflight retail, or seatback entertainment) to inform our research into the Airport Lounge space.


Our social data insights team have been researching global customer experience in the world’s top-performing lounges to help uncover what makes them so successful, and where there is still opportunity to impress. From this research, we created our first Airport Lounge Beyond Report, comparing all APEX 5-star lounges, to allow lounge operators to benchmark themselves against the industry leaders.


The report will reveal the features and services that customers value the most, which are exceeding their expectations, and which drive the most online conversations, both positive and negative. Alongside this segmentation of the data, we are also able to surface trends in customer expectation, which allow operators to track the success, or otherwise, of new menus, features, or initiatives.


Moving forward we are combining our Social Sentiment analysis capabilities with more 'traditional' methodologies, such as in-depth user interviews, to further enhance our reports' scope and depth. Partnering with Airport and Lounge Operators, Airlines, and Catering groups, we are able to use this approach to 'deep dive' into specific markets, territories or customer bases and seek to illuminate otherwise hidden insights.


If you’d like to know more, you can join us at FTE EMEA in Dublin on May 23-25 where John and the team will share more about our recommendations and where next for the premium airport experience.


If you can't wait that long - you can find out more about the Beyond Report – Airport Lounges now.

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